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Black Panther Party
Socialist revolutionary movement in the USA
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Northern America
United States of America
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The Black Panther Party - founded in 1967 in California - stems from a socialist, revolutionary movement in the USA. Its members demonstrated against racism, oppression and arbitrary arrests in Black neighbourhoods. They also made political demands, such as the right to freedom, self-determination, employment, decent housing and a reform of the education system. At the same time, they criticised the existing capitalist system. In their view, the whole system would have to change so that every black person in the country could be free. The formation of the party followed the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965 and is linked to the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968 - both of which had previously led to violent riots throughout the USA. In response to this and the associated killings of over 300 black people by the military and police, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Ā»Black Panthers Party for Self-DefenseĀ«. A 10-point programme of ten demands distributed among the population quickly led to about 100 members, whose number subsequently grew steadily. The party started its own magazine (Ā»The Black Panthers, Black Community News ServiceĀ«) with a circulation of 5,000, which later grew to 125,000. In addition to its demonstrations, the party also organised numerous social projects. A high level of violence was used against the party. The association itself spoke out against violence, but in favour of self-defence.
Social and political equality between black and white citizens of the USA, the fulfilment of political demands for the right to employment, education and housing, and a break from the capitalist system.
The party was founded to resist the prevailing social oppression in the interest of African-American justice. The party's goals and philosophy changed radically over time. In addition to resistance actions and demonstrations, the party organised numerous social projects, including health stations, legal advice centres and projects in the fight against pimping and drug dealers. The party's efforts, particularly in relation to structural inequality, racist violence and police violence in the USA, are still reflected in movements today, e.g.: Black Lives Matter.
Huey P. Newton, Bobby Sealle, David Hilliard, Richard Aoki
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A Member of Black Panther Party in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C., holding a banner for the Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention on 19 June 1970. Photo: Thomas J. Oā€™Halloran, Warren K. Leffler for US News and World Report. Source: Wikipedia

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