Von: 24. Sep, 2021 21:00
Bis: 24. Sep, 2021
Discursive Dinner II

# living together


Umschichten is an artistic practice based in Stuttgart and Hamburg. At a Discursive Dinner of the Live-In Lab, Alper Kazokoglu introduced the studio's work to the audience and all participants.

Umschichten is an artistic practice based in Stuttgart and Hamburg. The studio uses temporary architecture as an approach for immediate action and creates built interventions to pursue local needs, ideas or passions. umschichten visualises theories, problems or a constellation of people and material by thinking about urban identities and the representation of different social and cultural groups in a city. They work on the boundaries of love and fear in urban space.

Alper Kazokoglu bei der prädentation der Arbeit von umschichten

Alper Kazokoglu presenting the work of umschichten in the Live-In Lab

Presentation of Alper Kazokoglu and umschichten in the Live-In Lab in the context of the Discursive Dinner, video of the Institute for Art History of the HHU, project »beuys2021«/»Sculptural Democracy« - Editors: project office »beuys2021« and raumlaborberlin.


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