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Online and in the urban space of Düsseldorf

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The models are dedicated to the study of 100 radical democratic projects. The collection of projects places Beuys' political actions in a historical and social context.

The models are dedicated to the study of 100 radical democratic projects. On the one hand, this collection of projects places Beuys’ political actions in a historical context. On the other hand, the online archive offers an insight into numerous attempts to establish truly democratic structures in society. Since 9 July 2021, everyone is invited to view the interactive model database online and expand it themselves. The poster campaign »Protocols of the Future« by the media artist Arnold Dreyblatt marked the start of this interactive archive. 600 unique posters, 320 of which were put up in Düsseldorf's urban space from 12 July, refer to Joseph Beuys’ Free International University (FIU). The unique posters contain quotations from FIU minutes (1973-1978) and the »Manifesto for the Foundation of a Free International University for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research«. In autumn, Arnold Dreyblatt took up the project and the posters with a research workshop as part of the Live-in Lab.


Arnold Dreyblatt, Protocols of the Future, 2021, design: Dirk Lebahn, 12 of 600 unique DIN A1 posters. Photo: Moritz Krauth


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