Von: 27. Aug, 2021 19:00
Bis: 27. Aug, 2021
Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Foyer
Die Urbane. Eine HipHop Partei

# political system

Conversation Performance

Hong Kong-born Raphael Moussa Hillebrand and East Berlin-born Fabian »SirQlate« Blume talk about their reasons for forming »Die Urbane. Eine HipHop Partei (Antikolonial&Machtkritisch)«.

In a performative exchange with the audience, Raphael Moussa Hillebrand and Fabian »SirQlate« Blume answered questions about their understanding of democracy, the shortcomings of the current party landscape, the interests they see as underrepresented, the goals they stand for and the role they envisage for art and subcultures.

Performance: Die Urbane. Eine HipHop Partei (Antikolonial & Machtkritisch)
Conversation: Raphael Moussa Hillebrand and Fabian »SirQlate« Blume


Raphael Moussa Hillebrand during his performance in the foyer of the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus, Photo: Anne-Marie Franz

Video of performance and conversation with »Die Urbane. Eine HipHop Partei« with Raphael Moussa Hillebrand and Fabian »SirQlate« Blume, video commissioned by the Institute for Art History of the HHU, project »beuys2021« – editing: project office »beuys2021« and raumlaborberlin.

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