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Collectif Etc

# living together


Collectif Etc is a non-profit organisation and has existed since 2009. They presented their work as workshop leaders in the Live-In Lab.

Collectif Etc is a non-profit organisation and has been in existence since 2009. The collective from France supports shared spaces through actions that gather people around construction workshops. In doing so, Collectif Etc uses different media such as editions, screen printing, sewing, filmmaking and other artistic processes. The goal of these urban, architectural and artistic experiments lies not only in the built objects and spaces, but more importantly in the processes that lead there, in the new atmosphere and unfamiliar behaviours that can result. The collective hopes that architecture can be a tool to change our world towards a more social, democratic and ecological way of living. Collectif Etc is currently four architects/builders and one head office. From the beginning, they have been exploring methods of self-management and autonomous forms of collaboration together.


Introduction on the website of Collectiv Etc, www.collectifetc.com

Presentation of STEALTH.unlimited in the Live-In Lab, video of the Institute for Art History of the HHU, project »beuys2021«/»Sculptural Democracy« – Editing: project office »beuys2021« and raumlaborberlin.


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